With 40 institutes and almost 34 000 students in around 40 Bachelor’s and 60 Master’s programs, the Technische Universität Berlin (TUB, Berlin Institute of Technology) is one of Germany’s largest and most internationally renowned technology-oriented universities. Located in Germany’s capital city – a world-class scientific environment at the heart of Europe – TUB maintains strong scientific and industry networks, strategically partnering with global players and promoting start-up activities to ensure hands-on knowledge and technology transfer. TUB provides guidance and supervision for around 40 science-based start-up initiatives each year.

Role in the Ditas Project

TUB focuses on quality-driven cloud systems. TUB has a proven track record with prior work on measuring different cloud system qualities (such as performance, scalability, distributed data consistency), managing quality trade-offs (such performance impact of applied security mechanisms), and quality-driven solution design (on the software architecture and middleware level). TUB will continue this line of research in DITAS and contribute to different work packages by taking a quality-driven perspective. This includes leading work related to cloud security and privacy solutions and contributing to all layers and aspects of quality-driven distributed data management, cloud deployment and data movement, monitoring and benchmarking.

Location details

Technische Universität Berlin
10623 Berlín
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