The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest and most prestigious technical university in Greece. It was founded in 1837 and has since been contributing to the progress of the engineering science in Greece, through the education of young engineers and its multi-faceted research and development activities. The University comprises nine departments, each one covering a different aspect of the engineering field. The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) of NTUA is well known in Greece and abroad for the research achievements of its faculty members and the good reputation of its students and alumni. The field of Electrical and Computer Engineering spans a wide range of subject areas, like computer science, telecommunications, electronics, automatic control and electric power. The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems-ICCS ( is a research organisation associated with the ECE School and has about 40 laboratories and research units. ICCS will participate in DITAS through the Distributed, Knowledge and Media Systems Group (DKMS) that focuses on research activities related to advance distributed computing, dealing with topics such as Service Oriented Architectures, Cloud Computing, Internet of Services and Things and Big Analytics.

Role in the Ditas Project

ICCS will lead the WP3 and contribute to the overall architecture design of the project. It will contribute to the Virtual Data Container (VDC) definition for describing business and technical requirements of an application by also incorporating the notion of data value and will implement the framework for letting application developers enhance their solutions with this model (T3.1). ICCS will also contribute to the implementation of necessary abstractions for commonly access and processing of data resigned in heterogeneous data sources with various formats or structures (T3.2). Moreover, it will identify performance stereotypes of applications, data and infrastructure offerings and the definition of candidate application deployment strategies (T3.3). Finally, by exploiting machine learning techniques, ICCS will contribute to the data or computational movement selection that will enable more efficient application deployments (T2.4, T4.1).

Location details

Institute of Communications and Computer Systems – ICCS
9, Iroon. Polytechniou 157 73 Zografou
Phone (+30) 210 7722489, 210 7721527, 210 7723903