For DITAS use cases partners, DITAS solutions are an opportunity to offer new services in the Manufacturing and e-Health sectors and consequently improve their position in those domains developing new business models.

Smart Manufacturing Sector
Manufacturing Sector was a market-led by “Product/Control solution providers” represented by strongly positioned industrial automation corporates that offered proprietary solutions. The increasing need for IT and connectivity solutions to implement Industry 4.0 has allowed other types of stakeholders of smart manufacturing: “IT solution providers” and “Connectivity solution providers”.
IT solution providers provide solutions for control, monitoring and data processing, and on the other hand, Connectivity solutions providers will facilitate the implementation of technologies with connectivity demands.
Regarding existing solutions in the Manufacturing sector, Industrial IoT platforms (IIoT) are the core of Industry 4.0 and in the competition of the IIoT platform markets, IoT platform vendors are already integrating Blockchain, and new solutions come with augmented vision, machine vision, or digital twin capabilities. In the end, cognitive capabilities and artificial intelligence will become the differentiating factor among IoT platform solutions. But while most vendors provide hardware that supports IoT solutions, the true differentiator is the edge software to solve Industrial IoT projects where a lot of data must be processed at or nearby the edge, so IoT vendors are moving their focus to the edge.

The IIoT ecosystem is quickly evolving and mainly led by major vendors, but new start-up and solutions are emerging with the capacity to close gaps and complementing competencies. This is an opportunity for solutions like DITAS, that can be integrated into an IoT platform as a differentiator element in a sector in which cloud and edge environments play a key role.

e-Health sector
In the last report published by Atos, Look Out 2020+ Industry Trends Healthcare , experts predict that the Healthcare market will be a data-intensive field, much more than in other vertical sectors and they agree that the technologies needed to succeed are Cloud Computing, AI and IoT.
But the use of new technologies also brings multiple dangers, regulations and privacy concerns, especially with the sensitive data managed in Healthcare environments. Data breaches can create high risks in patients and penalty fees with the new GPDR regulations. A Data breach can cost millions (the average response and remediate could be up to $3,8 M) accordingly to the Ponemon Institute study .

Contrary to the different existing solutions in the market to share healthcare information, DITAS project outcomes related with e-Health use case will deliver a set of norms and rules associated to the privacy and security management of sensible data, and data-intensive applications working in this domain will use project results to take advantage of the data and computation movements strategies.