In the context of DITAS, A Robust Information Life Cycle Management Framework for Securing and Governing Critical Infrastructure Systems journal has been published. This journal analyzes and implements techniques for Data gathering, analysis, treatment and quality assessment, in order to make them accessible with the desired quality. Quality of Data (QoD), is subject on which DITAS has heavy involvement and analyzes and implements tools to evaluate the QoD. In the same manner, the journal describes Quality of Service(QoS) evaluation frameworks, which are used for the smooth operation and monitoring of the system. Same techniques and frameworks are also used and analyzed in DITAS for the same reasons as in the journal. The way Policies manage the accessibility and distribution of the data is a subject that is analyzed by both DITAS and the Journal. In order to better orchestrate and manage the complete system that is described in the Journal, every component of the system should be fully described using a specific structure and schema(Blueprint). The same approach is used also by DITAS for describing Virtual Data Containers. The work of this journal exploits usage of the core concepts of the DITAS (blueprint, QoS, QoD, service orchestration), in the field of Critical Infrastructures and demonstrates applicability and value in it.

Inventions 2018, 3(4), 71;