In the context of DITAS various tools, guidelines and best practices are produced in order to manage the life-cycle of the VDC. All this work is documented in the wiki SDK documentation of DITAS. This SDK was created in order to help all the types of DITAS users to achieve their goals by using the tools provided. DITAS SDK main page can be found on the official website. Due to the fact that there are different types of users with different tasks and different jurisdictions, the Wiki SDK is structured in a way that helps every type of user to navigate easily to the part of the SDK that contains the documentation of the tools, guidelines, etc. that they need to carry out their task. More specifically there are four distinct roles/user types identified in the SDK: 

  • The data administrator is the owner of data sources and has complete knowledge of them. The data administrator takes advantage of DITAS to enable the provisioning of some of the internal data that s/he would like to make accessible by other subjects. 
  • The application developer is the actor in charge of creating the VDC. Based on the data sources made available by the data administrator s/he responsible for defining the code able to expose the API defined by the data administrator.
  • The application designer represents the service consumer and her/his goal is twofold. On the one hand, the goal is to select the most suitable VDC with respect to her/his requirements.
  • The DITAS operator is responsible for the run-time platform; this includes the responsibility for maintaining the applications running.