DITAS Project is pleased to announce the second webinar of webinar series, a series of two webinars for end-users to learn more about the technologies developed within DITAS project and implemented in the two project use cases. The case studies that have been adopted in DITAS project refer to two different domains: Industry 4.0 and e-Health.

To validate and exploit all the potentials of the DITAS solutions, these case studies have in common only the need for developing data-intensive applications. Requirements about performances, quality of data, security, privacy, compliance are different in the two cases, as well as different are the format of the data used and the way in which these data are produced and stored. Having these heterogeneities of scenarios, allows DITAS solutions to propose a solid framework able to deal, in the future, with different application domains

Within these two webinars, the organizations involved in DITAS use cases will explain how DITAS solutions is used in their sectors and how these technologies are improving their businesses.

“DITAS solutions for eHealth” Webinar

This second webinar is focused on e-Health use case. With this use case, DITAS wants to demonstrate the possibility to easily develop applications able to process and to move clinical data from the premises to the cloud environment while ensuring the compliance with the published data especially with the security and privacy issues.

This time, our partners from Ospedale San Raffaele SRL are leading this demonstrator scenario, designing and testing data-intensive applications based on the analysis of clinical data, which images included. The Ospedale is one of the leading private scientific research institutes in Italy, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health as a Research Hospital (IRCCS). It comprises both clinical and research activities, conducted by a highly specialized and qualified hospital with 1,357 beds and a research institute with around 1,600 basic, clinical and translational scientists.

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