More than 42,000 people have visited the 30th edition of BIEMH, a figure that exceeds by 5% the final result obtained in 2016, in a contest that has had one day less celebration.

With regard to the origin of visitors, the general director of BEC has highlighted “the presence of 40% of professionals from outside the Basque Autonomous Community and 5% were foreigners from a group of 61 countries. In particular, national visitors have come mainly from Catalonia, Navarra, Madrid, Cantabria, Castilla-León and Valencia. In the international area, the presence of professionals from Portugal has stood out, whose number has grown considerably compared to the previous edition and places this country in first position. Germany and Italy have also seen an increase in the number of professionals attending. The list is completed with participants from the United States, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Cuba, China, India, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Sweden, Turkey, Algeria, Ghana, Egypt, Tunisia and Australia, among others. ”

The sectors of greatest interest were those of process automation and manufacturing (14%), accessories for machine tools (13.6%), tools (10.4%), components for machine tools (10%), manufacturing additive and 3D printing (7.7%), machine-tool for startup (6.3%), manipulation of parts and tools (6.2%), digitalization (6.1%), robotics (4.5%) , oxyfuel and welding machine (3.7%), metrology and quality control (3.3%) and machine tool by deformation (2.8%), mainly. The profile of the assistants responds to the positions of director or manager, owner, department head and technician.