There is an increasing need to develop data intensive applications able to manage more and more amounts of data coming from distributed and heterogeneous sources effectively, quickly, correctly, and securely.  This data abundance offers new opportunities but also raises new challenges for information systems. DITAS project is an European Research & Innovation initiative that seeks to “Simplify Data Logistics for Cloud and Edge environments” . DITAS Consortium is working to develop Intelligent solutions to optimize the development of data-intensive applications. The digitalization of the world, the availability of the data in real-time and the increasing connections of things, IT-systems and organizations significantly increase the role of information systems in the organizations during the last decades. This is one of the reason that the theme choice for this year at CAiSE’17 has been Digital Connected World – Informed, Disruptive Business Transformation.

DITAS will participate at the CAiSE Forum, a place within the CAiSE conference for presenting and discussing new ideas and tools related to information systems engineering. We will be there presenting Information Logistics and Fog Computing – The DITAS Approach.

The conference, organized by the University of Duisburg-Essen, PALUNO – The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology and the Luxenburg Institute of Science and Technology, will be held in Essen –Germany– from 12 to 16 of June and is an excellent forum  forum for the exchange of experience, research results, ideas and prototypes between the research community and industry, in the field of information systems engineering.