On June 24th in Prague, in conjunction with the ICFC (International Conference on Fog Computing) DITAS has organized the first edition of the DAMOVE Workshop. A venue where researchers and practitioners have the opportunity to present and discuss their ideas and results on data movement in Fog Computing. The workshop has been attended by more than 20 participants including researchers, ph.d students, and professionals from all the continents. The following two accepted papers have been presented in session chaired by Pierluigi Plebani, the scientific coordinator of the project:

  • Towards Fog Network Utility Maximization (FoNUM) for Managing Fog Computing Resources (by Vladimir Marbukh)
  • IoT Data Processing in the Fog: Functions, Streams, or Batch Processing? (by David Bermbach)

Moreover, Vrettos Moulos, responsible of the ICCS unit, has participated to the panel organized along with teh SQUEET workshop on “Service Level Agreement and Quantitative Evaluation in the Practice” where he brought the DITAS experience.