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Current applications are eager to acquire and consume more and more amounts of data coming from distributed heterogeneous devices and sources, specially for IoT and mobile applications. As a developer you need to deal with data in an effective, fast, agile, and secure manner. The truth is that edge nodes, only in combination with cloud services, can provide the benefits of both worlds: better bandwidth, latency and security; and reliability and scalability levels required by such Data-Intensive Applications (DIAs).
DITAS Cloud Platform allows developers to design data-intensive applications, deploy them on a mixed cloud/edge environment and execute the resulting distributed application in an optimal way by exploiting the data and computation movement strategies, no matter the number of different devices, their type and the heterogeneity of runtime environments. It brings to your developer toolbox the best of Cloud & Edge worlds.


DITAS Cloud Platform provides two main tools: DITAS SDK in charge of supporting design and deployment, and DITAS Execution Environment, a distributed execution environment responsible for running and controlling the behavior of the application

Practical Tools for Data Intensive Applications


DITAS SDK provides extensions of popular tools such as Node-RED to define applications.

The key element of this tool is to allow developers to design applications by specifying Virtual Data Containers (VDC s) and constraints/preferences for Cloud & Edge resources to be exploited.

Applications are then deployed satisfying all constraints based on developer’s instructions and the degree of freedom given by the VDCs.

DITAS Virtual Data Containers

VDCs provide an abstraction layer for developers so they can focus only on data, what they want to use and why, forgetting about implementation details. With VDCs applications can easily access required data, in the desired format and with the proper quality level, rather than directly searching for and accessing them among various data infrastructure providers.

At design-time, VDCs allow developers to simply define data requirements, quality and how important data is. At run-time, VDCs are responsible for providing the right data and satisfying requirements by hiding the complex underlying infrastructure composed of different platforms, storage systems, and network capabilities.

DITAS Execution Environment

DITAS EE is based on our powerful execution engine capable of managing a distributed architecture and taking care of data movement and computation, maintaining coordination with other resources involved in the same application.

DITAS EE also has a monitoring system capable of checking the status of the execution, track data movements, and collect all data necessary for understanding the behavior of the application.

Learn how DITAS technology can help you creating Data Intensive Applications for Cloud & Edge

Learn how DITAS technology can help you creating Data Intensive Applications for Cloud & Edge


Help us create better tools for Data Intensive Applications for Cloud & Edge


Help us create better tools for Data Intensive Applications for Cloud & Edge


ICCS/NTUA Thesis Proposals

The team of ICCS has held a presentation regarding thesis projects at the National and Technical University of Athens. New ideas were presented and further suggestions were discussed at the basis of enriching DITAS project. One of the core ideas was the vectorization...

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DITAS seminar at NTUA

On September 3 of 2018, the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems organized a seminar concerning the DITAS project. This seminar took place at the National Technological University of Athens (NTUA) premises in Athens and about 120 undergraduate students and...

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POLIMI at CAiSE Conference 2018

The 30th Edition of the CAiSE conference series was hosted on June 11-15 in Tallinn, Estonia – home to a groundswell of IT startups and to one of the most advanced digital societies. The conference continues its tradition as the premiere venue for innovative and...

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DITAS at Cloud Control Workshop (13th edition)

The Cloud Control Workshop is a high-profile workshop with participation by invitation only, targeting academic and industrial technology researchers and leaders from all around the world. The aim of the 13th Cloud Control Workshop is to foster multidisciplinary...

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DITAS on KEMEA workshop

On July the 20th, 2017, members of DITAS project participated in a workshop that was co-organized by the Center for Security Studies – KEMEA - (, the National Center for Scientific Research “DEMOKRITOS”...

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Amazon AWS announces Amazon Outposts, an Hybrid Cloud solution.

Our partner @plebanip will be presenting #DITASproject at ICT 2018 Event - Software Engineering for Trustworthy Services and Applications on Dec 6th. - See u there!

Elasticsearch is extensively used on the #DitasProject, and last week they released the 6.5.0 version, which includes data replication from one cluster to another with cross-cluster replication, or a ODBC driver for Elasticsearch, among other things.

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About us

DITAS project (Data-intensive applications Improvement by moving daTA and computation in mixed cloud/fog environmentS) project has been undertaken by global service provider Atos (Spain) and IBM (Israel); the European Cloud Provider CloudSigma () and European companies IK4-IDEKO (Spain) and Hospitalle San Raphaelle (Italy); and researchers from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and the Technical University of Berlin (Germany).